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Local Experience
Two days in Komani lake, boat tour, hiking, swimming, contact with nature, local exploration, and an unforgettable journey to the magical mountains and village.
Swimming, great food from the yard, hospitality.

No stable power (only occasionally for a couple of hours in the evenings)

No stable connectivity (mobile connections and date can be reached only at certain locations)

Day One

  • Pickup at 8 am from your host.
  • Boat from the Koman harbor to the guest house, lunch and accommodation in the guest house.
    Free choice on hiking, swimming (boating, kayaking optional)
    Day Two
    Breakfast (time on demand), hiking & trekking for aprox. 2 hours.
    A trip to Shala River for swimming (it can also be after lunch, depending on the timing of the tour), turn back for lunch at the village to take the boat back to Koman again.
    (85 Eur pp, all incl)
    Note: Extra nights or villages may be added to the package on demand.

Round the peaks – 160 Eur
3 days
Shkodra – Koman – Valbona – Theth – Shkodra (3 days and 2 nights)
We made it all in one and designed it for you.
Shkodra – Koman 6:30 am
Koman – Fierza 9 am
Fierza – Valbona 12 am
Valbona overnight sleep, quick hiking or trekking possible (ask for suggestions at your host)
In the morning there will be hiking to Theth (aprox. 6 hours, guides and horses on demand) arrive to Theth and accommodate in the beautiful village, next morning you can hike to the Blue Eye of Theth (optional)
The bus returning to Shkodra will arrive at aprox. 11am.

Valbona 3 Days – 160 Eur
Program: 1st day pick up from Shkodra
• 6:30 am (optional pickup from your hotel/hostel), drive to the ferry port in Koman for aprox. 2 hours.
• 9 am ferry to Fierza
• 12 am van to Valbona
• 1:30 pm arrive to Valbona and accommodate in the guest house.
• 2nd day free program for hiking & trekking in the Valbona mountains.
• 3rd day take the bus in the morning at 10am to reach Shkodra at 6pm.
Sightseeing and fishing tours
On demand:
There is a variety of fish in our lake, fishing tours are a nice way to spend the day in nature and get comfort in your company. We provide fishing sets, all services are on demand.
Private tour
Tours on the lake are one thing and private tours are another!
You choose the departure, duration, place you would like to swim to and all the other services on demand!

Shkodra – Valbona 25 Eur
Departure from Shkodra – 6am option 2, 8 am
Depart Koman – Fierza 9 am arrive at 12 pm option 2, 12 am arrive at 2 pm
Arrive to Valbona 1pm option 2, 3 pm
There are several stops for breaks, coffee and waiting for the ferry/bus, in B. Curri you can find markets and Atm.

Rating: 1 out of 5.
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