Start this adventure trip early at 7am in morning to get to the harbor have a coffee break and hop the boat toward Fierza, enjoy this 3 hours ride along the lake through cliffs and canyons, where boat occasionally stops to drop of peasants whom climb up the hardly visible paths toward their villages. one hours lunch break at Fierza .

1 pm take the boat to return to Koman via Shala river within a stop at Marios village for pancakes and rakia, more swimming there.

Arrive harbor around 5 pm to coninue by bus or jeep to Shkodra for 1.5 hours of driving

25 €

Local experience Nanplep village

One night stay at Nanplep village including eko tour, the peaceful village offers a great ambient for relaxing and family time.

Good food, great views and family feeling environment.

Walking and swimming and also fishing are possible during your stay.

85 €

Journey to Valbona

Shkoder to Valbona in one single ticket !

Pick up from hotel at 7am, two hours drive to Koman, breakfast free time. Two hours by fery to reaach Fierza and continue toward Valbona by van or jeep for one hour

20 €

Rating: 1 out of 5.

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