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We made an update to the famous eko tour 🙂 It is all great as always, simply has got some new details.

Departure daily at 8am from main Cathedral of Shkoder (kisha e madhe) also possible pick up from your hotel/hostel at 7:30, (order the pick up one night in advance)

Drive the beauty landscapes road to Koman for approx 2 hours, a snack and coffee break in Koman harbor, captain Mo bar,

Approx 10:30 start the great journey, sailing through hills, mountains, canyons and many more beauties only god could do such.

At around 12:00 we arrive at the Shala river where lunch will be served, with local dishes, fresh bread home made and blessed rakia to knock the cheers 🙂

From 1 pm – 3 pm swimming and free time, then take the boat back to harbor.

To hop in the bus and drive to Shkoder, arrive Shkoder approx 6 pm.

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Attention : Minimal delays may be at the different parts of the tour.

Eko relax is a designed tour for more relax and comfort during trip, it departs Shkodra at 9 am, coffee stop on the way to Komani, hop the boat at 11 am to easy sail toward canyons and sharp cliffs of Shala river where we make a swim stop and walking around, Lunch will be served either there or at the village downhill., group cannot be bigger then 10 people so relax there is time for each of you, to swim , easy go and get the best at the best during this one day tour. There is a guide in your company during the whole trip. Sunbathing beds are included on price and reserve for the clients.
Lunch is served on demand free pick from the menu and drinks are included in the price. Return to your hotel is at about 7 pm

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