Whether you travel with friends or with family and went across Komani lake, you may want to rest for a night or two in our shelters made a home for you 🙂
Peaceful oases surrounded by nature of many colours, located very nearby the lake, the komani lake guesthouses are a very nice option to spend a break of your holiday.

Nanplepi Guesthouse

Located only 7 knots north-east Koman town, Nanplep is a small village, owned by Molla family, which testifies on its best way the value of tradition of the area and inheritance from father to son in many generations through centuries. It is currently inhabited by family, almost all daily consuming products are homemade, vegetables, fruits, cheese and milk from cow, and other needed stuff for daily life coming out of farm.
During your stay, there are some activities you may get yourself bussy with, such as trekkng, swimming, fishing and padling.

Availability :

Two sleeping rooms with private bathroom,1 double and one single bed each.
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