Komani lake

Nature is a path, the past the future and the final destination. β€”

Mario Mark Molla (Marjan Koceku)

We are a group of local youths whom with passion and a lot of dedication focus our intention and  power into our area and community.

Led by Mario Molla we organize different tours, activities and attractions on lake of Koman and it surrounding areas.

Our remote area been a god forgotten place actually for many years,starting from otoman invasion of the Balcans, this area closet its own shell and survived on silence for centuries, keeping alive the authenticity and purity of Illyrian timeline.

Today a highlight of the region attractions, accommodating on tours activities, travel etc tourist from all over the world.

 Our mission is to bring area forward into improving the local life, preserve our natural and historical values, not become an overcrowded spot and kick fun away πŸ™‚

We want to keep it clean CLEAN !!!

Our main concern coming together with the number of visitors growth is the pollution !!

We do not have any proper waste getaway sofar (well except some commercial activities of different org ) and all of this hard work is mostly done by us in extra efforts, packing, carrying by boat and finally by car to town.

Well however the lake remains beautiful, clean and untouched and ready for you to explore it, by ferries, boats or kayaks πŸ™‚

What we need is support of course :). Volunteers are very welcome to help on our case, ideas,funds, projects, plans and anything ecologically connected to the environment.

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