It is said by the legend that in lake of Koman once upon a time, back to IllyriAn tribes, was living a half god half man leader born to lead, his chest was big as a mountain, his hand could squeeze metal into a liquid point, his smile was shining as much as morning sunrise, his heart as huge as Illyria, a captain of waves and thunderstorms. Captain Mo He was said to be sent from the god to protect the tribe. Better times came and life bloom of the community so captain’s power were no longer needed, he fell in peace with gods whom would transform him into a river, few hills and a high canyon. The river that would wash away the sins, for people traveling back from civilized world the crystal blue water and a perfect clear sky within an amazing nature. Captain fall asleep resting as Shala river. For many centuries he slept happy blessing nature, giving good energy and vibes to peasants and travelers around the area. Many centuries later on the years of new era, bad evil forces invaded area in intention to steal and take the fortune wisdom and spirit of it. Water became ugly and mountains fell into misery of pain sadness and hopelessness for a new spring coming again. And here comes the bell of god ordering the captain to awake and strengthen within his wounds and scars to defend once more the area and tribes and let the life bloom, His identity was weakened due to disrespect of the rituals and traditions he had left into people, he had to return once again.

The return of captain Mo, as Kapirat mo

Captain was long forgotten, the bad evil forces had wiped out all good memories from people toward Mo, his boats were no longer there, his gold, his treasure, all gone,,,,!

As a blazing bolt of 
lightning streaks across the sky ,Earth Shaking Sky Shattering. Time stopped its pace, a new world order had come, Captain Mo lands into Illyria. He took the spring journey from shore to shore, hill to hill to reach the castle and take the lamp of light, through which he could save the universe, journey was long and hard.He made up 15 gates of trap for the evil, he left many open gates for angels to travel. Island of peace was where he rested for 2 days,canyons of Stena he did build a hidden temple, and on a secret mountain he opened the portal and traveled to his parents. He found his treasure and hided it into a very secure cave. All we could find is this map burned into pieces that we had to rebuild for getting a clue. There was a hint : he graved in a stone , follow the light .

Step by step quest, 4 days around Komani lake, to find the treasure, and get the prize !

You dare to try this survival tour ? Book the tour to get the detailed program and have a lot of fun exploring around .

A prize win for the winner at the end of the tour.

You must/can only take a sleeping bag with you !

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