Picnic family or group friends tour !
All right, beside being tide and organised, ready made experiences may sometimes be out of your adventure spirit !
Then the lake is marvelous on all its parts and spots, so we thought ,,,, What about a different
adventurous day ?!
Like you get your food for picnic, grilling anything you want at all and pack up for the lake.
We pick you up from hotel, and when you arrive at Koman you’ll find a ready waiting boat to take you
places ☺
During sailing, you pick the place you want to have the lunch break, settle fire (carefully, do not burn the mountain), have lots of swimming and fun there . When you decide, take boat back to Koman and then
car to Shloder. Also possible to stay overnight if you carry your own tents.
Keep it in mind that trash must be never left behind, so please take bag eniugh with you to carry it back. Thank you !

Think about it

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