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Toplana is a small village (part of the Dukagjin tribes) up north Koman toward Fierza ( approx 1 hour ferry ride, located opposite the Puka region, divided in several smaller villages or more like bunches of houses whom have their own independent neighborhood
It counts approximately 50 inhabitants.
Fields with corn and beans and all the other kinds of vegetables, fresh water on the small pools for refreshing, the ancient ruins of Saint Giorg church. The incredible hiking up to the alps (Around 1300 metter over seas levele)
The little farms and the great milk and cheese of working goats 🙂
Experience one of the rarest stay at camping farm village.

The way there is simply a real adventure.
Get picked up from the hotel at 6 am morning. get a breakfast break right at harbor to hop the boat to sail through the canyons and cliffs that the amazing scenery around lake Koman has to offer, after one hour of trip, get off the boat to hike up the hills through old tracks where signs of peasants lay along the mountains, after around 20 minutes of hike a stop at one of the very welcoming family living nearby water to have a quick break is possible, a god coffee and rakia and perhaps some pancakes with honey or cheese (this would rather depend from moods, weather and season 🙂
Continue hiking for around 40 more easy minutes to reach the three tower village..
A farm, many gardens, honey bees and chickens, the peace rules here

Get to accommodate yourself and get know with the surrounding area where pools are also an extension luxury in the farm 🙂

Week activities : ( working on )

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